My First iPod

With SD card based music phones, first the Ericsson T39M and then the Treo 650 with Pocket Tunes, I was a late adopter of the iPod.  I didn’t want to have to carry anything other than my phone now that my Palm, cell phone, and music player were finally fully integrated.  Furthermore, I like the sound quality from CDs and I was still daunted by the task of ripping 600 CDs.

I’d been following a growing market for outsourced CD ripping and in particular two vendors, Riptopia and Ripdigital.  They both charged $0.99 per CD for ripping the cost for my whole collection seemed excessive, and I monitored the companies’ sites hoping for a price drop.  (These two companies would later merge in 2006.)   At CES 2008, I randomly bumped into Kurt Beyer, the CEO of Riptopia, and told him I’d been following his company and really wanted to use their service. 

Apple iPod Classiic

Apple iPod Classiic

With a way to finally rip my entire CD collection, I was now in the market for an iPod with enough capacity to hold my entire music collection and settled on the Black 160 GB Classic model.  It’s currently 95 GB full so I have some good headroom for acquiring more music over the coming years.  Unfortunately, you can’t get the 160 GB model any more since Apple standardized on the “One Size Fits All” 120 GB hard drive Classic.

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