Ah, the iPhone

1st Geneartion iPhone

1st Geneartion iPhone

About a year ago the keyboard on my second Treo 650 was failing from heavy usage and I was beginning to shop around for a new phone.  Fortunately my boss at the time  had just upgraded to the 3G iPhone and offered me his first generation iPhone to try out.  I inserted my simcard, thinking I was only taking it for a test drive and was quickly hooked.  The benefits were obvious, ease of use, the beautiful large screen, the cool “feel” of the touch screen, not to mention the integrated iPod.

Migrating from a Treo 650, I saw some big drawbacks too.  There was no cut and paste and no multimedia messaging (MMMS), which I’d even used on my Treo to send my mom the first picture she ever saw of my daughter when she was born in 2007.  I also missed the feature of being able to instantly send any of my contacts via email.  Other than that, I was blown away by the iPhone and still use that phone to this day.  Yes, of course I would like to upgrade to a 32 GB 3GS, but I’m holding off for now.  More on that in a future post.

As someone who’s worked on high tech consumer product releases for the last 12 years what I think is so impressive about Apple is how they not only launch great version one products, but they’ve figured out how to gather customer feedback and quickly incorporate that feedback into their development cycle, addressing all major customer concerns in the next release.

The dataspeed on the original iPhone was slow and there was no GPS.  Enter the iPhone 3G (I’m guessing Apple could’ve gotten out a 3G iPhone right out of the gate, but they had to give AT&T some time to build out their network in the U.S.)

iPhone OS 3.0 released in June of this year addressed all of my major concerns and it was a free upgrade for my existing phone.  OS 3.0 added support for  cut, copy, & paste, MMS, and even the send contact feature I’d been missing.    And the problems Apple couldn’t solve in software for their existing iPhones, they fixed in hardware with the 3GS, which offers a faster processor,  better battery life, video capture, and a 32 GB model to store more music, photos, and all the video you’ll be shooting with the camera.

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  1. Dale Larson says:

    Still no MMS, but hopefully AT&T will allow Apple to fix that soon!

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