Mobile Music Messenger (The iPhone App)

I’ve always enjoyed sharing music recommendations with friends.  I’ve discovered some of my favorite music from a friend’s suggestion.   We used to have the experience of going to each other’s houses, dorm rooms, or apartments and looking through CD or album collections and discussing the music we liked.  Today our music is self-contained on iPods and iPhones and there doesn’t seem to be the same interest in handing over our iPhones and iPods and scrolling through a list of artists and songs.  Maybe it’s because it’s too personal and there’s too much else on our iPhones or more likely it’s just not as fun to scroll through an onscreen list as it is to flip through physical products like CDs.

I also see less of my friends than I once did.  We’re busier and we’ve scattered around the country and around the world.  There’s less time to get together and just listen to music for music’s sake.  I find the majority of the time I have to enjoy music is when I’m out and about, listening to my iPod in my car or on the Muni train.  Music has a way of transporting me to different places and times in my life and I frequently found myself thinking about wanting to share the songs I was listening to with my friends; “I bet my friend Dave would really like this song or this song reminds me of the trip I took with friend John after we graduated college.”  I was sitting with an Internet connected music player in my pocket and yet there was no easy way to generate a quick message to a friend or all my Facebook friends and tell them about what I was listening to on my iPhone’s iPod.  I looked through the available iPhone apps, after all there had to be “an app for that”, but I couldn’t find one and after bouncing the idea off of some people, I decided to go about putting together a team to create Mobile Music Messenger (MMM).

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  1. raul says:

    please confirm that the app does not work in first gen ipod touch.
    is there any particular reason why?
    im using the first gen ipod touch, and the system told me that the app requires a microphone.. doesnt seem to make sense.


  2. admin says:

    Hi Raul,

    Thanks for posting.

    Apple must be generating that message about the need for a microphone. When we submitted the app we simply made it a requirement to have the current generation ipod Touch. Unfortunately the first generation Touch doesn’t have location awareness and for the app to be able to send the location from where the song is being shared it needs to know where it is.

    We’ll look at supporting the first gen iPod Touch in the next release.

    Thanks again for the feedback.
    Seth Socolow, CEO and Founder
    San Francisco App Studio

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