The Launch of MMM

It’s been an exciting time here at the San Francisco App Studio over the past week as we’ve watched the sales reports for MMM and seen users from around the world sharing music recommendations with their friends.

Thanks for your support and feedback, and please keep telling your friends about Mobile Music Messenger!

Part of the inspiration for MMM was the realization that what people listen to these days is less influenced by what is transmitted on the radio (be it FM, AM, or Satellite).    We all have our favorite music collections easily at our disposal and our music is more mobile than ever.  Instead of Billboard and other charts telling us what the top hits are, based on what the radio stations around the world are playing, we the music listeners should be telling the music industry what are the most popular songs are based on what people are actually listening to on their iPods.  I thought one way to compile such a chart was to compile a list of the songs that people are recommending to their friends from their iPods.

I am pleased to announce that we will soon be rolling out a map on this blog of what songs are being shared by location around the world.   We hope to add this feature to a future version of the app as well.

This is explicit in our privacy policy but I want to be very clear here in the blog as well:  We do not collect any personally identifable information when you use MMM.  We do log the name of the song shared, the artist’s name, the location where it was shared, and the method of sharing: Email, Facebook, or Twitter.   We do this in order to improve our app and to be able to provide a chart of the top songs shared by MMM.  

All of your email login information as well as your Facebook and Twitter (and in the future other social network) usernames and passwords are stored only on your iPhone or iPod Touch and are never transmitted to our servers. Your data exchanges with Facebook and Twitter are governed by their respective privacy policies.

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